“ ज्ञान-बल-शील”

 Kailas Shikshan Mandala’s


 Tal- Daund, Dist -Pune, 412207

 (Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune-ID.No.PU/PN/AC/195/03-221/05)Estd-2003


 Principal. Prof.Vikas Bhanudas Takale

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Courses & Syllabus

Name of ClasslevelTotal DivisionIntake Capacity Syllabus
F.Y.B.A.F.Y.B.A. (G1) Semester-I Early India: From Prehistory to the Age of the Mauryas Semester-II Early India: Post Mauryan Age to the RashtrakutasGeneral01AS PERUNIVERSITY NORMSview
S.Y.B.A.S.Y.B.A. (G2) Modern- India (1857-1950) (Code 2177)General01AS PER UNIVERSITY NORMSview
S.Y.B.A.S.Y.B.A. (S1) Ancient India (3000 B.C. to 1206 AD)Special01AS PER UNIVERSITY NORMSview
S.Y.B.A.S.Y.B.A. (S2) History of Modern Maharashtra (1818 to 1960)Special01AS PER UNIVERSITY NORMSview
S.Y.B.A.Semester -III-History of the Marathas: (1630-1707)General01AS PER UNIVERSITY NORMSview
S.Y.B.A.Semester-IV-History of the Marathas: (1707- 1818) 01view
S.Y.B.A.Semester -III-Medieval India – Sultanate Period Special01AS PER UNIVERSITY NORMSview
S.Y.B.A.Semester-lll-History of East AsiaSpecial01view
S.Y.B.A.Semester -IV-Medieval India: Mughal PeriodSpecial01AS PER UNIVERSITY NORMSview
S.Y.B.A.Semester-IV-History of West Asia Special01view
S.Y.B.A.SEC -1A (2)-Tourism Management (Skill Enhancement Courses)01view
S.Y.B.A.SEC -2B (2)-Travel Agency & Tour Business (Skill Enhancement Courses)01view
T.Y.B.A.T.Y.B.A. (G3) HISTORY OF THE WORLD IN 20TH CENTURY (1914-1992) (Code 3177)General01AS PER UNIVERSITY NORMSview
T.Y.B.A.T.Y.B.A. (S4)-HISTORY OF ASIA IN 20TH CENTURY (1914 CENTURY (1914 CENTURY (1914 –1992) OR HISTORY OF USA (1914 – HISTORY OF USA (1914 –1992) Special01view
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